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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Web Checking, online checking ...steps for easy and convenient travel

What is Web Checking?

Web check-in is the process in which passengers confirm their presence on a flight via the Internet and typically print their own boarding passes. Depending on the carrier and the specific flight, passengers may also enter details such as meal options and baggage quantities and select their preferred seating.

web checking ENTER

Customers may use web check-in 48 hours until 2 hours prior to scheduled departure time.

How does the online check in work?

If you are checking bags in you can go straight to the bag drop off points for your airline. ... You then simply drop the bags at the special desks, so check with airline staff if you are unsure. Staff will scan your printed boarding pass or phone and you can even use these to pass through security.

If the passenger is without hand-baggage he/she can directly board the flight.

Why is Web Checking necessary?

Web Checking reduces the time that one spends at the queue at the airport. One you have done your Web Checking, you can reach 45 minutes before the scheduled time for domestic flights and 2 hours for international flights.  

Web Checking at Airline's website

Is Web Checking beneficial for Frequent Flyers or for Groups?

Web Checking is beneficial for all in general, but it is mostly preferred or convenient for Frequent Flyers mostly for business purpose on a regular basis, as it saves most of their time waiting at the airport.

Apart from Frequent Flyers, Web Checking is also preferable for more than 1 person but not in a group.

For group flyers any airline will allow a maximum of 9 passengers per PNR for Web Checking. 

Web Checking image foe saving time

How convenient is Web Checking?

Web Checking is very much convenient as all leading Airlines provide the “Web Checking” tab on their main website. Once you are done with it, the e boarding pass will be sent to your mail id.

Web Checking easy and convenient way

Web Checking makes your travel easier, less time consuming & hassle free. Do carry a valid ID proof for any inconvenience & kindly co-operate with the Airport authorities for your own safely.

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If you book your tickets from FareHawker, this website also allows you for " on its web checking" (airline web checking) on its home page.

Wishing you a Happy & Memorable flight!!!


Saturday, 26 November 2016

ZOOM AIRWAYS: The flight for classes and masses.

 ZOOM AIRWAYS: The flight for classes and masses.

With emerging growth in the market, the potential for experimenting with new ideas has increased. India with a mixed economy has been open to different sectors for its growth and development.
The aviation industry had been a platform for both the government and the private enterprise. The government’s hold in the aviation has been since ages but it’s the private sector that has a see-saw platform for business makers. There were many airlines that started under the private sector but only few could make its mark in the sky.
Zoom Airways Logo

India is a population of the classes as well as the masses. We as Indian we like to experiment with new thoughts and ideas but at the same time we as Indians we like to make things in a pocket friendly way.

The tag “pocket friendly way” has played with many business traders. They like to work for the masses WITHOUT compromising with the quality.

ZOOM AIRWAYS: Flights for discounted fares

Zoom Airways Flight
When we talk of budgeting airlines a new bird ZOOM AIRWAYS has emerged in the scenario. They have launched themselves as the low budget airline without compromising with pleasure and quality.
The red and golden bird of the new age is all set to make its maiden flight waiting at the base to serve the elite group of people.

With ZOOM AIRWAYS coming into the scene, there will be a tough competition among low cost airlines including SpiceJet and Indigo to name a few.

When we talk of low budget airline ZOOM AIRWAYS is NOT compromising on quality and class, they have mixed pleasure with work.

ZOOM AIRWAYS is headed by KAUSTAV M DHAR as the CEO and many experienced hands over its roof, the airline also paved ways for the younger generation as well.

Zoom Airways Flight

FareHawker: The ultimate for group bookings. is the ultimate for group bookings since its inception. FareHawker is headed with experienced personnel and ex-airline officials. FareHawker not only provides group fares but also provides heavy discounts for the same.

ZOOM AIRWAYS: FareHawker for group booking and discounted fares. is the ultimate for group bookings. As Zoom Airways will open its official website for flight bookings, FareHawker helps you to get discounted fares for group bookings on all flights for both domestic and international flights.

FareHawker wishes ZOOM AIRWAYS best wishes for its future endeavor!!!  

Samhita Das

Friday, 18 November 2016

AIR CARNIVAL: The Airline with a difference, an answer to discounted air fares.

AIR CARNIVAL: The Airline with a difference, an answer to discounted air fares.

India has always been the market for growers in every industry. The growing economy lays a platform to investors both Indian and international.
Being a developing nation India is always open to international options when the call for experiment comes. With majority of its population in the “human capital” tag, venturing out options is an old saying.

India has been through tough times since time immemorial but it has always made a mark in the world scenario and that is one of the reasons for its fastest growing resources.
The Indian aviation market has grown since ages; while some have made it big in the market others faded who could not withstand the test of time.
Air Carnival Logo

At a time when aviation players are going through turbulent times, Coimbatore-based CMC (Coimbatore Marine College) group is venturing into the aviation industry by launching a low-cost carrier (LCC) under the brand Air Carnival. The airline plans to focus on short haul services with its ATR72-500 aircraft. The 70-seater aircraft are more economical for short haul services and they are proven one in India.

The company serves with the tag time “Safety first! On time every time!”

Flight for new Air Carnival
Air Carnival is an Indian regional airline based at Coimbatore International Airport with a hub at Chennai International Airport. The airline was founded in 2013 as a charter airline but has since transitioned to scheduled operations within South India, which were launched in July 2016
In 2013, S. I. Nathan, founder and director of Coimbatore Marine College (CMC) Group, founded Air Carnival Charter Services as a charter airline based in Delhi. CMC Group later shifted the focus of Air Carnival to short-haul routes within South India. Coimbatore was selected as a base because it is the headquarters of CMC Group, the airport has many available facilities and Coimbatore is a growing city located closes the Tier 1 cities Bangalore and Chennai. The airline focuses on unserved and poorly served markets. 

Manish Kumar Singh serves as CEO and S. I. Nathan, who is also the director of CMC Group, is the founder and chairman.

Coimbatore-based Air Carnival has become the fourth regional airline of the country and will fly daily to and from three Tamil Nadu airports at Coimbatore, Chennai and Madurai.
Air Carnival will become the first regional airline offering fares inclusive of in-flight entertainment and food. The airline will compete with other southern region players such as TruJet and Air Pegasus which have three aircraft each and Air Costa with four planes. To start with, the airline will deploy one 72-seater aircraft (ATR 72-500) with four flights daily on the Coimbatore-Chennai-Madurai sector. After inducting two more 72-seater planes the airline will spread its wings to Tirupati, Hubli, Vishakhapatnam, Rajahmundry and Mangalore.

Air Carnival, which got its air permit on July 4, has decided to take on their competitors head on by introducing a promotional base fare of Re 1 on the first day of operations and an all-inclusive fare of Rs 999 for the first three months. The airline has also confirmed that it plans to model itself along the low-cost airlines in the country. Even after the initial three months, their tickets will be priced at a competitive rate. The airline, which currently has only one leased aircraft, plans to introduce flights from Chennai to Bangalore. The airline then plans to add flights to Thiruvananthapuram, Mangalore, Hubli and Mysore from both Chennai and Coimbatore, depending on market surveys.
The entry of Air Carnival is likely to heat up the competition. At present there are three operators flying seven flights a day from Coimbatore to Chennai. The 70-seater flight will fly to Chennai, Madurai and Bangalore on a daily basis.

Once the flight lands in Chennai from Coimbatore, it will make a round-trip to Madurai and Bangalore. The airline also plans to acquire its second and third aircraft after three to six months, based on operations and revenue coming in.

D Nandhakumar from the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated that “Industrialists welcome the additional flight services, they should consider shuttle flights offering fixed price open tickets even if slightly more expensive, for frequent travelers," 

The airline plans to price its tickets parallel to low-cost airlines, but plans to experiment with the in-flight facilities like ways to serve hot fresh on board instead of the currently packaged food served on short flight segments and also mulling ways to make the food served on-board a part of the ticket package or free of cost.
Domestic operation at the fast-growing Tiruchi International Airport is expected to improve with Air Carnival expressing its interest to launch a service in the Chennai-Tiruchi– Chennai sector. The airline aims to cover all the airports in Tamil Nadu in the next 24 to 36 months.
Welcoming the additional flights from the Air Carnival, frequent travelers from Madurai to Chennai and Coimbatore said that it reflected that there was potential in this sector. On an average, the flight was 80 per cent occupied daily.
Of all the new airlines, Vistara is the only one not based in the south. AirAsia India, Pegasus, Fly Easy, Air Carnival, TurboMegha's TruJet, and Air Costa are all based in the south. This is because of the promise the region holds.
Among the five regions -- North, West, East, North East and South -- the southern region is the most lucrative market considering it has three metros, which is half the total number of metros in the country.
According to analysts Hyderabad and Bangalore are Greenfield and better planned airports, and this allows them to better support new airlines through improved infrastructure and sops. South has lucrative cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and others. No other region is this attractive.
Though being a low fare airline Air Carnival takes into consideration passengers’ comfort. The airlines is planning to incorporate various facilities, the initiative starts with providing hot served food with will be included in the ticket free of cost.
This airlines’ major concern is to capture the market initially by launching itself as a regional airlines then spreading its wings to other sectors. This airline will prove to be a boon for frequent flyers especially from small cities.
Officials said tickets have already opened on its website and they have tied up with different travel agents and leading travel portals for availability of tickets.
There is always a market for each and every thing in life, as Air Carnival is launched as a low budget airline keeping in consideration the common man’s need as single frequent flyers there are advantages as well in travelling in a group.
It may be a dream for some to board a flight rather it may be unapproachable for the pocket-friendly people but thanks to humble initiative like Air Carnival who keeps in mind those pocket-friendly segments of population that will be a part of their profit making strategy in the near future.
Though Air Carnival have opened its website for tickets and have tied up with different agents for tickets which again may be confined to single frequent flyers for groups there is always a different option.

FareHawker for discounted fares.

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Group Booking for Air Carnival through FareHawker

When we talk of travelling in a group there’s nothing else that comes to mind other than FAREHAWKER. has been in the market for group bookings since a decade and is the only one in the market.

Group bookings for Air Carnival through FareHawker
FareHawker has opened its site for Air Carnival group bookings. The advantage with group bookings is that tickets are always available at a discounted rate and reasonable fares and one is always in the company of their friends and family.
It is always a privilege to go for when group bookings come into the picture. FareHawker does not only provide cheapest group fares bur also assures safety and pocket friendly fares.

FareHawker has always been a part of each and every group both for domestic as well as international flights. Now after the launch of Air Carnival’s flight group bookings for the same will be available on’s official website, that too with discounted rates for the regional market that Air Carnival is covering.
FareHawker and Air Carnival.

FareHawker congratulates Air Carnival in its inaugural flight and wishes all its team members regards.


Samhita Das

Thursday, 20 October 2016

A new era : Zoom Airlines India

Indian economy has been growing at a faster rate in all sectors. The aviation industry has mushroomed in India in the recent past giving a boost to this industry.
Though many new Airlines have initiated its venture but only few have made it big in the customers’ list while many just remained as names rather than being a part of the business.

Zoom Airliines
The theory of new players adds a new name in this aviation business, ZOOM AIRLINES (Originally known as Zexus Air (the NOC from DGCA was taken in 2014), its​ license changed hands and now rests with a new business conglomerate which is pushing the venture in the name of Zoom Air now) with Koustav Dhar as its CEO and Director is all set to fly in the Indian sky. Zoom at present is head-quartered at Gurgaon and Delhi and Kolkata being the major hubs. Unlike other private flyers Zoom has not only targeted the major destinations it has also connects directs flights to small cities as well. It has launched its routine flights covering 16 destinations all over India. It will presently hub at Delhi International Airport, Terminal 3.


With its 50 seated aircrafts Zoom is well planned strategy to capture the market for flyers. For instance, it has spotted Durgapur, Dimapur, Aizwal, Jorhat, Shillong, and Tezpur in the North-eastern side which will be linked to Kolkata as hub. In Rajasthan, apart from its capital Jaipur, we will be covering Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer. And in Gujarat, our plan is to cover Jamnagar, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Surat and Baroda.

Zoom Airlines
Zoom Airlines has come with the concept of cheap airfares for regular flyers for the Indian market. With regular and reasonable rates Zoom Airlines lays a platform for tough competition for Indian domestic flyers like SpiceJet, Indigo, GoAir, etc.

Book Tickets with FareHawker for Zoom Airlines

Farehawker works parallel with Zoom Airways for providing its passengers the experience of flying with pleasure at cheap rates for group bookings.
Farehawker wishes all Zoom Flyers “happy flying” with discounted rates.