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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Group bookings -Key information at a glance

What is group travel?
Group travel is a booking where at least 10 people (not including Infant –below than 2years) have the same onward flight and the same return flight to/from a destination.

What is the benefit for customers making a group booking directly with our GroupDesk department?  

Our group desk Jockeys team consists of some of our most experienced consultants who are highly knowledgeable and offer impeccable customer service. With access to the widest choice of airfares on sale in the India, discounted accommodation throughout the world, tours and travel extras, we promise you to save your money as well as time. So, whether you have a conference or sales incentive trip to arrange, sports team, school group, special interest club or a large group of friends and family, FareHawker Group Desk can help with any flight fare and accommodations.
FareHawker is not a travel agency, we are travel service consultant that specializes in airfare search & group fare arranger. So, we are top accounted with several of the major airlines across the pan India. This means that the airlines know us for high volume of group tickets.We have assigned specific Jockeys to handle all our customers’ needs from airlines. In addition, due to the high volume of group flights we book, we have secured consolidator contracts with many airlines across the India & world.
This recognition allows us to be an effective advocate for our clients, negotiating discount airfares & securing favours when other agencies or travel company can’t. Since we work with so many non-profit organizations, travel agents & travel management companies, we know that every penny counts. Our goal is to provide you with the best value on group airline tickets‚ as well as other additional services.

Such bookings are subject to special terms and conditions, for example the names are not required until the time of ticketing (at the latest 07 days prior to departure); terms are also specified for advance and final payments. Sales partners can access our terms and conditions on the FareHawker website.