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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Exploring World for Travel

Who We Are? is an Indian initiative founded by experienced people from the Travel, Tourism & Aviation industry with a passion for new technology, Exploring the world for travel and meeting new people. We are small and unknown but know that we have a unique idea of technology that could bring people from all the globe?s buzzing metropoles and great little places - at low costs. We are introducing here our destination guides, become multilingual plus added flight, hotel and bus search on the site. Many dedicated developers and travel lovers have joined us and are trying to do an outstanding job to achieve our traveller's heart. Though we?ve been around here from few months now but our love for travelling and exploring new way of travel search is everything. The better we get to know our users and all the colourful places they share with each other on our social pages (i.e. facebook, twitter, Google plus) the more fun we have and the more passionate we get.

Exploring Colour for Travel.

Some of the best places in country are also among the most difficult to find, but with our crisp new destination guide you can explore great little places shared by fellow citizens and coloured by their ambience. We invite you to take part in a fun and new way to discover and share places around the World. We often associate colours with moods. We feel blue or grey. We associate red with love. Green with fun and play and turquoise with tranquility. Each colour helps us to identify with the related ambience and get us in the mood ? by Exploring places in our destination guide we help you navigate by your mood and discover great places. Select a continent and your lovable country. If you?ve decided on hot-pink, a map of clubs, restaurants, shops and hotels will appear which invite the vibrant and trendy side of you to join the party. Maybe you?re in the mood for a little romance with your special someone, then navigate to the cosy red. Travelling with kids? Shades of green would be your choice.It?s a great new way to share and discover places and make you feel at home.

Want to change Who's Who

One day you may be a New Yorker, the next a Stockholmer. Anyone who comes to India is an Indian. A backpacker from London, a family from Japan or a student from Africa - they're all Indian whilst in India. They deserve to be in the loop and discover the hidden gems of the destinations. That's why we have created our Destinations guides. For you to discover and share places with locals and fellow citizens. Who's a Londoner? Who's a New Yorker? Who's a Indian? We want to change who's who. That?s our mission. And it's simple. Anyone being in a place is part of the place. We are wherever we are. We do not wish to create yet-another-guide that patronises visitors as tourist voyeurs - viewing India from the outside or following the tourist routes behind a camera lense. We want you to discover great little places by following your mood and navigating by vibrant and colourful ambiences . We welcome you to be an Indian.