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Friday, 31 January 2014

RAJASTHAN - Why Rajasthan? INDIA

The land of kings will enchant you with its dazzling colors, ornate palaces, striking paintings and magical deserts. Lose yourself in Rajasthan !!!
Five things you can’t miss in Rajasthan
  • JAIPUR’S BAZAARS: After you’re done with the palace hopping, explore the madness of Jaipur’s markets- a vast and colorful range of traditional clothes, jewelry and artwork awaits you at great (bargain) prices.
  • DESERT SAFARI: Head off to Jaisalmer and check out the numerous tours that take you on a 1-2 day desert trip that includes food, music and a chance to mingle with travelers from across the globe.
  • PUSHKAR: The enchanting temple town besides the lake is flooded with pilgrims and Israeli backpackers throughout the year but the best time to visit is during the famous Pushkar Fair (Oct/Nov) when the town is virtually flooded with camels, cows, goats and traders.
  • UDAIPUR’S LAKE PALACE: Perhaps the most romantic town in India, Udaipur’s Lake Pichola and its surrounding hills and palaces make it an almost magical place after sunset.
  • SHEKHAWATI’S HAVELIS: Get off the beaten tourist track and explore the ornately decorated havelis of this region. The murals and paintings of these houses will fascinate you with their beauty and history.
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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tips to get Best AirFare Deal by your own Ultimate Travel Jockey

Finding the lowest available fare for a suitable flight on an acceptable travel date involves timing, strategy, knowledge, art and a wee bit of luck for when the first four criteria fail to locate the lowest price airline ticket.

 Timing is not everything but it matters a lot. The lowest fares of each year, across the world, are found during the shopping and travel period from 15 January to 15 April. May has intermediate flight prices. June, July and August are the most expensive months to shop and to travel. The period from 15 September to 15 December holds prices ranging from relatively low to intermediate on the high side. The Christmas through New Year holiday period (13 Dec - 07 Jan) has relatively high fares unless you fly on Christmas Day or New Years Day. The 3 days before and after all major holidays and large scale popular events will have premium pricing for flights on those days. The late hours and early hours of each travel day hold the lowest fares for that day. Shopping during the early hours might get you a low fare before it becomes sold out for that day or season. Shopping at least 21 days before your planned travel period avoids price hikes for late bookings. Traveling on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or sometimes Saturday is usually cheaper than other days. That low cost (or preferred) flight might be available this day but not that day, this season but not that season. Contracts held by airline consolidators normally bar them from selling their lowest fares less than five full calendar days before departure.

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