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Friday, 25 May 2012

About FareHawker

What is ?
FareHawker is a global travel search engine. We search 100+ travel sites to find the best flight, hotel deals.

Our mission: to aggregate travel information and make it searchable and useful.
Our passion: technology that brings speed, usability and transparency to the travel world.

How are different?
FareHawker is an infomediary, not an intermediary. That means we are NOT an online travel agency. We let you search directly across multiple airlines, hotels, buses, trains and online travel agencies in real-time so that you don't need to search a zillion travel websites. We thus aim to make your travel search easier for you, the same way Google does for information on websites.

We do not bias our results, simply because we show you the prices from other travel sites. You can pick and choose the most suitable option for you and redirect & book directly on the travel site that suits your criteria.

FareHawker is a search of the traveler, by the traveler and for the traveler. When you use FareHawker, you retain complete control on your travel choices and preferences. You choose which provider you want to book with, and can complete the booking directly on the provider's site. This ensures that you retain a direct relationship with travel vendors and complete a transaction more efficiently. It also means that travel planning is no more stressful and you spend less time searching for tickets and more time on planning your stay.


Travel, stay & rental. We are professionally offering online comparison services in the area of Air Travel, Hotel accommodation, Car rentals etc. Our range of services will be unbiased and will highly reliable and also offers complete satisfaction to our broad clients’ websites and portals across the world.

Farehawker Travel Meta Search Engine pursue a methodical approach to offer hassle free comparison service and enables the traveler to search through the supplier websites of high end 10 travel products and makes possible for the clients who anticipate the ideal package in Flight, Hotels, Bus, Cruise and special Holiday. The unique feature of Farehawker lies in its making the bookings in the supplier websites directly, by means of the redirection link, unlike the other online websites which confirm the bookings by themselves and do not provide other options for any comparisons with their competitor.

With a single search, FareHawker travel meta search engine enables to evaluate the best online travel websites & travel agent instantly with one search. This helps the traveler to evaluate instantly their choice travel portal or the agent with the offer of other suppliers of services. This apart, we are trying to enhance the competency of user friendly travel mechanism through introducing a sound product, in order to absorb prospective buyers and offer an impartial dais for sellers to display their travel products.

FareHawker stands out from its rivals as a user friendly medium, through offering a comprehensive and unparalled fare structure with no commission tags attached and directing traveler straight to the travel solution providers at very reasonable cost. Farehawker is in the process of launching which is an online travel meta search engine, something unique in this domain.

FareHawker has a competitive edge of fare aggregator that assists in retaining your clients and also helps the users to choose the prime travel products.