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Tuesday, 25 October 2016




What is TRAVEL or rather why do we need to travel? Did any of us really think of this question? Not really, we as individuals are so busy in our everyday life that we tend to or usually forget the basic meaning of most of the words that can really make our life. What basically travel is? Is  it just moving out of the house with our bag and baggage to the assigned destination through any mode of transport? If that is travel in our daily life we do go to office, to the market, to the grocery store as well, can these be termed as travel as well? THINK!!! We at present belong to an era where most of the things are materialized and we look at things from the third eye (mobile lens) rather than make good use of the eyes that we have.

Make Travel a TRAVELOGUE
People travel on a daily basis through the same route but remain ignorant of the things that pass them, rather they spend time on browsing the same thing on the internet– this is the irony of life today.  We eye for something that is not important and ignore those which we have with us.
It’s time that we open our eyes and relives the life that we have. Let us just not select destinations over the internet, reach there and come back with closed  eyes a but  let us enjoy the beauty of this beautiful world at any corner  at any place with an open mind and eye.


Basically in today’s scenario we do not have time to think of why we do something, we do it to impress others or we do it because others are doing it. It has become a trend to live somebody else’s life rather than living our own.

Travel for education
Let us start a new journey today, let us analyze something different today. “Have you ever noticed any child going to school?” The child is curious to know about the things that he or she sees for the first time or on a daily basis, the child is loaded with questions and interprets things in his or her own way. The child not only travels but also does an in-depth analysis of the things around him. Let us be the child again the way we were and enjoy our destination.

Education refines our life and TRAVEL has always been a part of this educational process. Travel when a part of any education process exudes pleasure and happiness.

educate while travel
Let this beautiful world be a book with variant colors and let us read this book with an open mind. Life should not be confined to the four walls of a room nor should education be confined to books. It’s important to be knowledgeable than informative. Let us not remain informative regarding destination but be knowledgeable while we travel.
Travelling not only opens our eyes but also opens our mind. A person travelling will not need a book to be knowledgeable rather he will be a book in himself to be a storyteller. Why depend on someone else to know what the things are that are around us, let us learn something new each day, let us not be confined when we travel , let us EXPLORE.


Travel, Explore, educate

It is rightly said “Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. When we travel we not only gain information or knowledge to be precise we live moments, we cherish these experiences throughout our life. 

Travel explore should not be confined to big destinations but we need to detail our eye in our daily destinations as well.

Make the life that we live worth living and explore it for a meaning.


We all travel in our everyday life, we all visit destinations as well, but how many of us are travelers rather than tourists?? Now the query is “WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A TRAVELLER AND A TOURIST”?? No one has ever thought of it, for every common man it’s basically two sides of the same coin. But technically it’s a traveler’s quest to explore that makes those places re-visit by tourists over ages. We need to feel the air of travel for any long lasting effect…... Their words are personified not only through lens but with closed eyes as well.

Be a Traveller rather a Tourist


What groups basically are? What are they for? We as individuals are not meant to live the life of a recluse; we at every step of life are dependent on someone. Whenever we refer to groups we not only refer them to life but also in travel.  Group travelling has many advantages than travelling alone. Some people might prefer travelling all alone just to avoid the interference of others’ as he or she might be a silent traveler, but travelling in a group always gives you the sense of security.


When the topic of travel comes individuals have different tastes, some like to travel alone while others prefer a group. In a group some are comfortable travelling with their family where experimenting is not so much on the cards. While there are some who likes to EXPLORE and NOT just TRAVEL. They experiment going out with friends, meet new people and exploring the life of the unknown.

There are few who like to travel all alone, be in own cocoon and be a silent spectator. Do much do they enjoy life travelling all alone being aloof remains a hard question to answer. For them its travel is their journey of life, it’s their companion, their soul mate.

But there are some questions that might trouble the group travelers, is travelling alone SAFE? Can there any discussion relating to this? There cannot be arguments but opinions regarding how safe travelling alone is.

Travelling alone has its own advantages and disadvantages but now let us focus WHY TRAVELLING IN A GROUP IS IMPORTANT.

Group Travel
In today’s hectic schedule travelling is a boon to distress oneself. A break away from life lets you discover the new way of living.
Travelling with a group with family of friends can be extremely rewarding, and it can save you lots of money. Travelling in a group not only adds glamour in your trip but also allows you to make new friends. Travelling in a group reduces expenses as all will be sharing the expenses of the trip. Group travelling not only allows getting discounted rates in hotels, restaurants but also gives you group discounted bookings from airlines or travel agents as well.
When we talk of group travel apart from providing discounts the biggest advantage is SAFETY. Ever thought of it? Yes many people prefer group bookings for safety purpose. When we travel alone in any new location we are bound to take care of our self. But when we are in a group we feel safe and protected. As the saying goes “many hands make work lighter” – whenever we are in a group are well equipped to encounter any trouble. Here we can cite the best example of the stories related to strength. When we stand in a group we get ideas of exploring new avenues any tackling with any situation.


We come alone and we die alone – then why do we need someone to share our life and responsibilities? Is it really possible to live the life of a recluse? This is one question that has had different opinions from different sects of people.

United We Stand

As the very old story of the old man and his five sons goes – “The old man was on his dying bed and had called upon all his sons and had asked them to break a bunch of sticks. None could break that bunch of stick individually but was only possible when they had worked together on it”. This simple story from life teaches us that we as individuals are not possible to live all alone. We can always face any problem when we are united rather than alone.


Destinations have never been a benchmark for choice. A small village in the remote of India can be as exciting as any trip for some to any International destination. As the saying goes “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”.

Group Bookings
We have dealt with the advantages and disadvantages of travelling in a group; let us now see what GROUP BOOKINGS deals with. When we talk of group bookings we should start seeing its advantages from the root level. Proper care should be taken when we are planning any group with elders and kids.


Whenever the name of GROUP BOOKINGS comes FAREHAWKER stands our being the pioneer for group bookings only. FareHawker has been in the market of group bookings since its inception. It not only provides discounts for group fares but also takes care of the group where only girls travel.  It has set a bench mark where group travel is concerned.

Group discounted fares, FareHawker
LASTLY, we all travel to different destinations; some prefer travelling to the same destination either alone or in a group; while some does not prefer the word TRAVEL because for them TRAVEL is confined to visit; they prefer to EXPLORE unknown destinations in a group especially to know new places and people. With positivity we end to pen here and start our new journey to explore; to make our life worth living with the moments that we make through the journey called TRAVEL, explore you wings to the horizon.....

Samhita Das

Thursday, 20 October 2016

A new era : Zoom Airlines India

Indian economy has been growing at a faster rate in all sectors. The aviation industry has mushroomed in India in the recent past giving a boost to this industry.
Though many new Airlines have initiated its venture but only few have made it big in the customers’ list while many just remained as names rather than being a part of the business.

Zoom Airliines
The theory of new players adds a new name in this aviation business, ZOOM AIRLINES (Originally known as Zexus Air (the NOC from DGCA was taken in 2014), its​ license changed hands and now rests with a new business conglomerate which is pushing the venture in the name of Zoom Air now) with Koustav Dhar as its CEO and Director is all set to fly in the Indian sky. Zoom at present is head-quartered at Gurgaon and Delhi and Kolkata being the major hubs. Unlike other private flyers Zoom has not only targeted the major destinations it has also connects directs flights to small cities as well. It has launched its routine flights covering 16 destinations all over India. It will presently hub at Delhi International Airport, Terminal 3.


With its 50 seated aircrafts Zoom is well planned strategy to capture the market for flyers. For instance, it has spotted Durgapur, Dimapur, Aizwal, Jorhat, Shillong, and Tezpur in the North-eastern side which will be linked to Kolkata as hub. In Rajasthan, apart from its capital Jaipur, we will be covering Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer. And in Gujarat, our plan is to cover Jamnagar, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Surat and Baroda.

Zoom Airlines
Zoom Airlines has come with the concept of cheap airfares for regular flyers for the Indian market. With regular and reasonable rates Zoom Airlines lays a platform for tough competition for Indian domestic flyers like SpiceJet, Indigo, GoAir, etc.

Book Tickets with FareHawker for Zoom Airlines

Farehawker works parallel with Zoom Airways for providing its passengers the experience of flying with pleasure at cheap rates for group bookings.
Farehawker wishes all Zoom Flyers “happy flying” with discounted rates.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Fly In Zoom Air & Book with www.FareHawker.Com

Zoom Air, the recent adding in the aviation industry…. The most colorful bird in the sky today, the Red, Black & Golden hawk that stands proud beating its competitors is all set to roar high and loud.

Zoom depicts Class, Elegance, Style, Richness and Glamour which is well represented in the color code that it has chosen.
Though being new in the market it is taken care of by experienced hands from the pilots to the management staff, all are well established in their own fields.
Zoom has really taken care of the fact that India is a developing nation. It has launched itself wit the lowest airfare tag, the airline of, by and the common people. Though being a low fare flight, it has not compromised in giving its passengers the feel of comfort and pleasure.
Zoom Air will fly in 16 domestic destinations including Durgapur and Shillong (places hardly covered by any airline).

FareHawker has been in the ticketing market since years and it feels proud to be associated with Zoom Air. Tickets for Zoom Air’s group booking will be available only with Ultimate Travel Jokey.

FareHawker wishes Zoom Air happy and safe flying.