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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Groups travel ---

FareHawker gives leisure groups and corporate travelers what they want and need at a great value. If you are traveling with 10+ people, please contact FareHawker Reservations at +91-9311-66 3434.  If you are traveling with 10 or more people on the same flight please, fill out the form below. Please note that all requests are processed in the order received.

Leisure Groups :Whether you're flying with a sports team, religious group, or destination tour, FareHawker GroupDesk program can get your group of 10 or more there, you should take advantage of FareHawker's Group booking Program. You can rest assured we will go the extra mile to provide the best possible fares and the exceptional FareHawker experience you've come to expect from us.

  • Great rates. Your group will receive a customized group fare quote.
  • Low deposits. Just give us a month. Final payment and names are due 30 days prior to departure on domestic trips.

    Incentive Groups:    Reward your employees! Get the best possible fares for groups of 10 or more with FareHawker Incentive Groups program. Your top performing employees deserve our top performing service. Whether you're rewarding your ten best sales people from around the country or sending the entire office on a trip, FareHawker can jet them out of town with award-winning service and style.With our Incentive Travel for groups of 10 or more, you'll get the best possible fare while your group of All-Stars gets to enjoy the FareHawker service experience.We also want to make your job easier. It'll make both you and your employees incredibly happy! FareHawker's incentive travel is flexible and convenient:

  1. Handle with care. Our dedicated team of ex-airliners are available between round the clock 7 days
  2. What's in a name? We're the only travel management company who are official group booking fare adviser for India's leading travel portal & other travel agencies.
  3. Together or separate, you decide! Whether booking blocked space from one location to another or individual space from multiple origins to a single destination, the same great program can work for you.
  4. Great rates. Your meeting attendees always fly at a great value.
  5. No hard feelings. We can release 10% of seats up to 07 days prior to departure with nominal penalty. vary as per booked airlines.
  6. Low deposits. We only ask for a 25% deposit to confirm your seats.
  7. Change is good. We allow deviation of 10% at no charge. You only pay the difference in fare.
  8. Just give us a month. Final payment and names are due 07 days prior to departure.

                FareHawker Group Travel specialists in managing group bookings of 10 or more than 10 people. Our dedicated team fully appreciates that each group request is unique; we'll work with you to understand your exact needs and tailor your booking to ensure everything is as you want it.

                Monday, 18 August 2014

                Global Benchmark from INDIA to World - New Bharat

                Presenting a new #global #benchmark to advanced #aviation - #Terminal2of#MumbaiAirport enjoys a lot of technical and kinetic elements.
                This airport #infrastructure is showing new face of #IndianAviationdevelopment. #Experience yourself … #FareHawker #UltimateTravelJockey

                Did you know? ......The roof of this terminal is built with 18,000 metric tons of structural steel, enough to build two Eiffel towers !

                FareHawker Group Desk for Group Fare 
                #FareHawker is not a travel agency, we are travel service consultant that specializes in airfare search & group fare arranger. So, we are top accounted with several of the major airlines across the pan India. This means that the airlines know us for high volume of group tickets.We have assigned specific Jockeys to handle all our customers’ needs from airlines. In addition, due to the high volume of group flights we book, we have secured consolidator contracts with many airlines across the India & world.

                This recognition allows us to be an effective advocate for our clients, negotiating discount airfares & securing favours when other agencies or travel company can’t. Since we work with so many non-profit organizations, travel agents & travel management companies, we know that every penny counts. Our goal is to provide you with the best value on group airline tickets‚ as well as other additional services.

                Thursday, 14 August 2014

                Best Tips for Booking Airlines Flight Tickets

                Due to Fare war among all the airlines, Airfares are lower than ever these days, but you still have to be savvy to get the best deal. 

                In addition to the basics—here are some secrets to winning the increasingly opaque airfare game.

                Tip No 01#.  Search at the Right Time   
                Try searching for airfares after midnight; that's when many airlines update their inventories with the discounted fares & every day offers. If you're only seeking last-minute Web fares, look on airline sites, major booking sites, and aggregator sites (search engines that configure all best on-line suppliers, consolidators, and booking sites) between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning for tickets for the coming weekend. Such fares usually require that you leave on a Saturday and return on Monday or Tuesday, but some airlines offer Friday departures and Sunday returns.
                 Tip No 02#. Check a Wide Range of  Travel Dates
                Online Travel Portal like,, expedia, & have the most flexible search functions and the major booking sites too. FareHawker will allow you to search for the lowest round-trip or one-way domestic or international fare within a range of months, which it shows as fare outlook on a calendar. Even if you are just using FareHawker's calendar for research, click all the way through an available date; the site frequently shows dates as available. FareHawker will let you search for the lowest price over a weekend you designate; search up to three days before and after your dates; or look for the lowest published fare within a 30-day period. The site recently extended its flexible search option to include international flights, though at press time, it still indicated that the destination airport if you are going to stay in hotel or resort than for saving some more money from your pocket you may choose Flight +Hotel  option for booking
                Tip No 03#. Book Cheapest Flight Tickets Early—and On-line
                Since airlines allocate only a small percentage of their seats for award travel, it's smart to book months in advance. Just to be safe, book 300 days in advance—when most airlines load award fares. Also, reserve those seats on-line which airlines offer in free. If you do get lucky and are able to reserve an award seat only a week or two before you travel, unfortunately you could get slapped with a high "expediting fee." 
                Tip No 04#. Use Fare Comparision Aggregator Sites like -
                Once you've figured out which dates will yield you the best fares, search one of the Web's "meta" travel agents. like wego, sky scanner, FareHawker searches. which at press time was still being tested, searches hundreds of sites and allows you to sort airfare results by departure or arrival time. FareHawker  is a good source for deals from small charter companies and discount airline agencies, as well as major carriers. Cheap flights lets you search flexible dates and, like, offers a calendar with a range of available dates. Here, too, you should click through the available dates to ensure that the fare you want isn't sold out. Aggregator sites don't charge fees themselves, but they might direct you to a site that does.
                Tip No 05#. Try to Book Flight Tickets Through Airline's Web Site
                If you've found the same low fare on an on-line booking agent like and an airline's own Web site, it makes more sense to reserve on the latter to avoid paying the extra or so service fee booking sites now charge. By booking on an airline's site, you'll also avoid the service fees the airlines themselves have begun to charge for booking at ticket offices and airport counters.
                to know more about booking any of airlines flight tickets you may reach to FareHawker's  Travel Jockeys and get the best possible advises about your next travel plan. 

                Tuesday, 12 August 2014

                Indian skies ready to welcome its brand new airlines- AIR VISTARA

                Are you ready to welcome India's one of the awaited airlines !!!

                #India's #newestairline#Air #Vistara, is expected to make its debut later in the #year.likely to #takeoff in this #oct2014. Vistara is derived from the#Sanskrit word, which means #limitless #expanse "and draws inspiration from the brand's domain - the limitless sky".
                The airline is joint #venture of the #TataGroup and #Singapore#International #Airlines.

                The commencement of operations is subject to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation's (DGCA) approval, which is examining the airline's application for an air ..

                Tata-SIA Airlines Ltd (TSAL), the joint venture between Tata Group and Singapore Airlines.
                The airline’s logo is derived from a ‘yantra’, a perfect mathematical form that reflects the universe. The eight-pointed star at the centre of the logo reflects the high standards Vistara is committed to and the excellence that will be a hallmark of the airline.
                The airline will connect its hub in Delhi to almost all important Indian cities, including the metros, within four years of launch. The cities on its network will include Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Srinagar, Jammu, Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Guwahati and Kochi. It does not expect to compete with the Tata-AirAsia low-cost JV as the two airlines will operate in different spaces.

                In the first year, Tata-SIA will have 87 weekly flights from Delhi to nine cities, including Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Srinagar and Patna. The weekly flights are projected to rise to over 300 in the fourth year, and the number of destination cities in India will grow every year in a phased manner.