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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Maldives Airlines: Ultimate Travel destination, fly with FareHawker for best Fares

Maldives: The Ultimate Destination for Travel lovers

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The Maldives officially the Republic of Maldives (Maldivian:  is a South Asian island country, located in the Indian Ocean. It lies southwest of India and Sri Lanka. The chain of twenty six atolls stretches from Ihavandhippolhu Atoll in the north to the Addu City in the south. Comprising a territory spanning roughly 90,000 square kilometers (35,000 sq mi), the Maldives is one of the world's most geographically dispersed countries, as well as the smallest Asian country by both land area and population, with a little over 393,500 inhabitants. Male is the capital and most populated city, traditionally called the "King's Island" for its central location.

The best weather is between November and April. The high season fall between December and March. The monsoon runs from May to October, peaking around June. It is worth paying higher prices and sticking to the dry season as there is nothing to do on a rainy day except drink, work out or scuba dive.

Maldives Airlines: The union of pleasure and luxury with Travel

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Maldivian is the airline division of Island Aviation Services based in Male, in the Maldives. It is the national airline of the Maldives. It operates international flights in addition to inter-island services. Its main base is Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

On 13 April 2000, the Government under a Presidential decree incorporated Island Aviation Services Limited as a limited liability Company, one hundred percent owned by the Government of Maldives. The airline began operations with three aircraft; a Bombardier Dash 8 Q200; and a Dornier 228, and served only domestic airports within the Maldives. The airline commenced its international flights on 26 January 2008 with scheduled flights to Thiruvananthapuram, India. On 25 August 2008, the airline division of Island Aviation Services was re-branded as Maldivian.

"Island Aviation Services" is the "Parent Company" for Maldives Airlines, with the company slogan of "Bridging the gap", Maldives Airlines is headed Ahmed Shafeeu (Chairman) and Abdul Haris (Managing Director).

Presently it has 19 fleets and covers 22 destinations (national and international). Maldives Airlines is well connected to major international airports in India.

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Travel has played a major role in gearing the Tourism between the two nations. The beauty of Maldives has been a major flying destination for Indian tourists. Whenever we talk of gearing Travel and Tourism the aviation industry has contributed for creating a niche of its own.

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